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Let us fix, repair, build, assemble, solve, customize and make your home work they way you want it to with our Handyman Services.

General Repairs

We do general home repairs and fix a wide range of housing infrastructure issues. Whether you have a specific need or don’t know what the problem is, we would be pleased to assess the situation and propose a remedy.

Locksmith Services

Need a lock fixed or replaced? We deal with front door locks and sliding door locks. Locksmith services for homes. Our renovation company can supply locks and keys in addition to providing services. 

Fix Floor

We do some flooring repairs to surfaces such as hardwood floors, laminate floors, engineered hardwood flooring, carpet, tile, plastic, wood and foam. On the exterior we do inter-locking stone and asphalt.

Fix Toilet

Repair toilette which is not flushing. We also do other things like address that sound that build up or address water flow. If replacement part are required, we can supply them along with the necessary services. 

Home Maintenance

We can help you maintain your home by keep things working and up to date. We can tighten, oil, lubricate, screw in, adjust, rotate, replace, refurbish, upgrade and customize your fixtures, chattels and mechanics.

Paint Services

We paint homes, inside and out. We also do small touch ups to those areas of your property which need it. This includes waterproofing and staining services. We supply the paint and other materials along with services. 

Repair Deck

We fix decks in any way it needs to be repaired. Usually desk repairs require the replacement of wood, sealing wood or staining wood. Of course, sometimes lattice, steps or other parts of a deck or needs attention. 

Lay Carpet

Carpet installation services for homes. In addition to the installation, we can supply the carpet or pick up the carpet you have already ordered or wish to purchase. We also do outdoor carpet and various lays. 

Repair Roof

Is your roof leaking or is it looking like it will? We can patch a leak in a roof or other area of a residential dwelling so that water leakage is reduced or eliminated. In some cases, roof/shingle replacement is required. 

Install Light Fixtures

Need help installing a light fixture? We provide light installation services. Do you need a light fixtures? You can choose it and we will get it for you. We can also install new switches, dimmers and electrician services.

Fix Fence

Fixing fences of all kinds, although usually standard wood fences seen in most back or side yards. We can supply and install replacement planks of wood or other materials and service necessary to repair it.

Repair Tile

We fix tile such as those 2 or 3 tiles which have come loose. They need to be reset and have grout replaced around it. SMall jobs like this don’t usually take too long. We would be pleased to assist you with it. 

Toronto Handyman Services To Quickly Repair Your Home.

Trash Removal

Have trash and other debris removed from your property. Usually we do this as part of our demolition services but can certainly do the removal on it’s own. We can send a bin and then have it picked up. 

Replace Outlet or Switch

Need to repair or replace a power outlet which is no longer working? We can take of it for you including installing new light switches, dimmers, light fixtures, electrical sockets, outdoor power and lighting.

Computer Services

Need computer help? We provide computer service to individuals and small business in Toronto. We have computer technicians who can remove a virus, re-install windows, recover lost data and fix printing issues. 

Odd jobs

Looking for a Handyman to take care of some odd jobs for you? Lawrence can help with all sorts of small jobs. If you require home services not listed elsewhere on this renovation website, contact us for more information. 

Custom Home Solutions

Searching for that person who can provide that solution for your home that you have been looking for? Look no further, Lawrence would be pleased to understand your dilemma and propose a solution. 

Hang Blinds & Curtains

Need help hanging drapes, blinds, shutters or other window coverings. We can install curtain rods if necessary and pickup the materials for you. We have a quick system for installing blinds and curtains. 

Mold and Asbetos Abatement

Do you have mold in your furnace room, basement or other damp area of your home? We provide mold abatement services to get rid of mold. We also provide asbestos abatement services and remove it.

Fix Faucet or Pipe

Do you have leaky faucet or pipe? We plug and repair pipes, leaking kitchen, bathroom or laundry room faucets, by tightening what is loose and applying silicon/caulking where necessary. Need help with a leak?

Small Jobs

When it comes to homes, we take on small jobs of a wide variety. Give us s try, you might be surprised. If we do not think we are able to bring a valuable solution, we will tell you that in advance. 

Home Electronics

Need your flat screen and home entertainment system hooked up and installed the way you want it. We can help. Tell us what you are trying to do and we will do it for you. We mount your devices and set things up so they work. 

Build Furniture

Furniture assembly services including Ikea furniture assembly. Need help with custom built furniture, no problem. There is a lot we can do here. Contact us for help with assembling furniture and similar items. 

Mount TV, Mirror or Picture

Want us to mount a television, speakers, home electronics, heavy mirror, art, pictures, fixtures or decor? We would be pleased to assist you with mounting any of these and other items in your place of residence. 

Caulking Replacement

Is your caulking all dried up and shriveling away? This occurs over time. Let us reapply caulking to your kitchen counter, bathroom tub, edges, door frames or anywhere it would be useful. We supply the caulking.

Build Pocket Door

Want a pocket door installed in a place where a regular door would be difficult? We have installed many pocket doors. It is something we know well. We can supply the materials and expert home improvement services. 

We Do More!

While we have listed many of the things we can fix, repair or replace for you, there is always more we can do. Contact us by phone or through our contact form to get more information on our Handyman Services. 

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