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Specializing in Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling. General Contracting for home improvements. Custom wood-work and cabinetry installation services.  Handyman Services for repairs.

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Get advice from a qualified General Contractor. Remodel your home, add an addition or new floor to your house, have a fence, deck or garage built, redo your kitchen and bathroom, build walls and rooms, general home repairs and maintenance and more.

Damage Repairs

If some part of your house or property has sustained damages, we would be pleased to fix it for you. There are many home related elements that we can repair including broken fencing, doors and windows. 


Add a storey onto your house, have a rear addition or garage built. Give yourself a carport, deck or new fence so that you property is more private. Lay ashphalt, rebuild roof and other exterior walls which need brick work. 


We can renovate your kitchen or bathroom, build walls, doors and windows. Redo your interior design, Excavate and/or finish your basement. Install new cabinetry, build closets and lay flooring. 


Plumbing services including toilet installation, fix broken toilet, shower hookup, leaking pipes, running water lines for fridge water or washing machine, increase water main supply and install back-flow preventor. 


Licensed and qualified Electricians at our fingers tips to advise and provide services. Install light fixtures, light switches, dimmer switches and electrical outlets. Get power to those places where none exists.


All carpentry work done in house, anything you need done including custom cabinetry, decks and fencing. Build wall units and shelfs, custom wood-work, porches, walls, raise roof, drywall and custom mill-work.

Free Home Improvement Consultation & Estimate

Want to know how much a home repair or home upgrade will cost before you commit to move forward? We offer a Free Quote for Home Improvement Services including Home Renovator Services and Handyman Services. Complete the below contact form to tell us about your home related project.

Home Improvement Projects

Soon we will be showcasing our home improvement projects here, stay tuned! We recently completed a home renovation in the west end of Toronto that was quite extensive. We acted as the General Contractor overseeing more than 15 different trades and trades people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Permit to Renovate?

The answer depends on the nature of the renovation. The term renovation is a fairly broad term and is used to refer to any number of home improvements, whether or not they meet the threshold of the City of Toronto’s definition. Permits are required in most cases including where the improvement affects by-laws. 

How do you clean painted walls?

Food, grease, dirt and other substances can get on your walls. Prior to applying soap and water, find out what type of wall paint is on our walls. Some cleaning products will cause eggshell or flat finishes to fade. Experiment with your intended cleaning solution on a small patch of wall near the floor before you clean the messy area.

How can I find a wall stud?

Want to mount something on a well? First you should try to find a wall stud. There are ways to locating studs without having a stud-finder. Tale a look at the the baseboard to see if you can find dimples where the baseboard may have been nailed to a stud. If that is not going to work for whatever reason, try to find nails within the studs using a strong magnet. The magnet will be felt when it senses the metal in the nails. Once you know where the nails run up and down, it is likely that the stud is there. 

How do I clean vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is said to be weather proof and a low maintenance, compared to brick or wood. However, dirt and other substances can build up over time. The ideal tool for cleaning this kind of siding is soft bristle brush or s soft cloth. Pressure washers can cause problems. Do not use any cleaning solutions which have organic solvents. 

How do I refinish Hardwood Floors?

Redoing hard wood floors can take some time but summed up in these 4 steps. First, sand the floor with an orbital sander. Second, remove all dust with a vacuum. Third, wipe the floor down with a soft cloth or foam mop. Four, apply multiple coats as needed using a foam roller.

What's the best way to clean Brass?

Prior to doing any cleaning, figure out if you have brass plating or solid brass. Put a magnet against it, softly. If the magnet sticks, it is brass plated. If the magnet does not stick it is solid. Clean and rinse using a microfiber cloth with hot and soapy water. If that It not cleaning it well enough, try vinegar or ketchup. Use caution with plated items. Do not polish too hard or the brass plating may begin to come off. 

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